Howling Goth Big X Chilli Sauce

Whilst out in town today I spotted a stall on the market selling chilli sauces of different strengths. Having heard about the strength of their hottest chilli sauce, goth bomb, and seen the effects of the fire nuts, I figured I would play it safe I to start with one of the slightly milder ones, Howling Goth Big X.

Anyway, got it home and had to work out something to try it with, figured I’d leave it and try it with dinner. The results from around the table varied from yummy, to omg that’s hot. Personally I found it quite a pleasant sauce, nice and hot, but not too hot. All in all a nice hot everyday chilli sauce, heartily recommended to all who like a hot sauce

Next time I’ll have to try the goth bomb sauce, with 6.4 million schoville should be a little bit hotter

Addition: just tried this stuff on some cheese on toast in place of my usual Worcester sauce, and OMG, the difference grilling it made. Wow. I actually broke a sweat about half through my first slice. Think I just found a replacement for my Worcester sauce.

Howling Goth Website
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Image from Howling Goth Website


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