Kytephone – Child Friendly Smartphones

Kytephonekytephone is an android app that makes an android smart phone child friendly. It works by replacing the standard home screen with one which locks the child into the app, requiring the password to unlock it and exit the Kytephone app to take you back to the standard home screen.

While the app is running, the child can only access a predefined list of apps, and contacts whilst it monitors your child’s location. Also as all smartphones have a camera, so long as you enable the permission, it allows your child to take and view their pictures. They can’t share them, or get them off the phone but they’ve taken them, you can via the dashboard on the kytephone website, But more on that shortly. Firstly more on the child side, the app.

To the child it looks just like a normal phone, they can change their wallpaper, play games, send you a text, but they can’t contact people you don’t want them too, or be contacted by anybody who isn’t approved by you. The app also constantly monitors the location of the phone, and reports it, and everything that happens on the phone back to Kytephone, allowing you to view all this information within the parent dashboard. Unfortunately this all requires an active data connection, so it is something you need to be careful of if the phone is on a pay as you go tariff.

The Kytephone dashboard is the main parent side of this app, and is accessible via the Kytephone website. Once logged in, it shows you a map with all of the Kytephone enabled phones attached to the account, with their location as reported by the device, which can be imprecise at times due to the way phones establish their location when not using GPS.

kytephone dashboard

Once you have selected the phone you want to view, it shows you a log of activity, including what time the app was started and if it was if it has been closed at any point. The log also shows you what apps they’ve used, and for how long, if they have sent any texts or made any phone calls, or taken any pictures, essentially between the map and the log you can follow everything they do on the phone and everywhere they go, if you so wish.

Myself and TheMrs decide to use the app on an old phone of ours that we were going to give to our eldest, as she has hit the age now where she want to go and play out with her friends. The phone gave her the freedom to go out and get hold of us should she need too, and vice versa, and the app gives us the piece of mind, to let her. She is also an avid picture taker, so it’s really nice to be able to see the pictures she has taken. The other thing the dashboard allows parents to do is share the pictures, either via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or a link which you could then pop into an email for example.

images from Kytephone website


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    A while ago I told how eldest had a new(old) phone for her birthday, here the mr reviews the app we use to lock it down and make it suitable for her to use independantly. (Hope this works, it’s the first time I’ve feb logged anything, he’s just better at the techy stuff than me!)

  2. Thanks for writing about us. Take a look at our other app for young teens called Kytetime (

    The Kytephone / Kytetime Team

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